Tips for Shiny Summer Hair 

March 21, 2017

Spring just started, but come on – it’s Texas. We all know summer is just around the corner! It’s almost that time to lounge around the pool and beach, showing off that soft skin, killer smile, polished nails and shiny, long hair that captures people’s attention.

In south Texas, the heat index level can soar, leaving people uneasy at how to maintain the perfect summer hair while the sun damages and dries out our hair. We want to ensure you maintain your killer summer hair – so here are a few practical tips to keep your hair shiny and strong throughout summer.

Invest in a Water Softener

Do you desire long, silky locks of hair? If so, it may be time to invest in a water softener. Hard water buildup can wreak havoc on your hair, with minerals like calcium and magnesium leaving hair dry, rough and coarse. Not only does a water softener remove hard minerals – it will also soften your hair making it light and shiny…a perfect combination for the summer season.

Another benefit of a water softener is that it will save you money in the long run. You will be saving money by making your shampoo and conditioner last longer to create a full cleansing of your hair follicles.

Restrict Use of Blow-Drying

Blow-drying hair can become a daily habit. In the morning, it’s easy to rely on a hair dryer to make our hair have the full, thick look, but we often forget that blow dryers are damaging our hair. With the excessive heat, tiny hair particles eventually break off over time and become coarse. An easy tip to have healthy, shiny hair is to cut back on the amount of times you blow-dry your hair. Every other day could even be a good habit for summer. So do yourself the favor and let your hair dry out naturally, or dry it out with a towel before you think about applying a hot blow dryer.

Rinse thoroughly

Each time you go in a chlorinated pool or the ocean, be sure to rinse your hair out completely of the chemicals and minerals when you’re done. If you forget to rinse thoroughly, the salt water and chlorine can make your hair excessively dry.


Not only is it important to drink plenty of water during the summer, but it’s also important to hydrate your hair. The sun can dry out your hair in the summer, leading hair to break and become dry. A good remedy is to leave in conditioner and serums to add an extra shine to hydrate and protect your radiant summer hair.

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