Commercial Water Softeners

Not just essential to customer experience, commercial water softeners help restaurants and hotel owners control their costs. Better water means lower consumption of water, energy, detergent, and appliances. With clients ranging from global restaurant chains to local hospitality services, Kinetico San Antonio has the expertise to match your business to the right commercial water softening solution.

How Kinetico Water Improves RestaurantsHow Kinetico Water Improves Hospitality

Business Is Better With Soft Water

Water is the basis of restaurant and hotel services, from the taste of a beverage to the cleanliness of your facilities. The importance of quality water goes beyond the customer experience – hard water costs businesses by shortening appliance life spans and causing plumbing issues.

Customer Experience

Crystal-clear ice cubes. Better-tasting coffee and tea. Bathroom fixtures that sparkle. A one-time investment in a Kinetico commercial water softener can have a lasting impression on what customers think of you.

  • Better-tasting food, drinking water and fountain drinks
  • Spot-free glassware and dishes
  • Scale-free bathroom fixtures

Operating Costs

Less downtime during appliance maintenance. Increased water flow and heating efficiency. Invest once in a Kinetico commercial water softener and watch the savings build for years.

  • Save up to 48% in water heating cost
  • Use up to 40% less detergents in dishwashing machines
  • Shorter downtime during appliance maintenance
  • Longer-lasting appliances with fewer repairs

Why Kinetico Commercial Water Softeners?

Our commercial water softeners offer unmatched performance, cost-effectiveness, and dependability. We offer tailored solutions no matter the size of your business and water softening needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the Kinetico difference. Whether you’re located in Kerrville, San Antonio, or some place in between, we’re happy to analyze your water and inspect your infrastructure to determine the best Kinetico system to match your needs.

  • Proven high-temperature performance up to 150° F
  • Non-electric & easy to operate
  • Outstanding warranty
  • 24-hour soft water coverage
  • Available in 3 sizes, from compact to high flow rate
  • Modular design for as-needed expansion