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Business Is Better With Soft Water

Kinetico San Antonio’s commercial water softeners have provided soft, pure water for restaurants, hotels and other businesses of all sizes for decades. Commercial water softeners not only improve customer experience, but they save your business money in the long run. With better water comes less usage - not only of water but detergent and appliances, as well. Soft water will extend the life of your commercial appliances, helping you avoid investing in new ones for years to come.

Why Use Commercial Water Softeners

Operating Costs

Less downtime during appliance maintenance. Increased water flow and heating efficiency. Invest once in a Kinetico commercial water softener and watch the savings build for years.

Sparkling Surfaces and Dishes

Spot-free Dishes, Glasses and Fixtures – Hard water and detergent don’t mix well together, creating fewer suds and leaving behind an unsightly residue.


Higher Appliance Efficiency – Hard water leaves sediment in appliances like dishwashers and water heaters, causing them to work harder.


Use it how you need it – We have a variety of commercial system options, from compact to industrial, so we can help you find the right match for your business.


  • Better Tasting Food and Water

    Just like restaurants, you want your drinking water and food to taste how customers expect. Soft water will ensure your water is not changing the taste of other food and drinks.

  • Spot-Free Glasses and Dishes

    Hard water can leave a residue on glasses and dishes, due to the leftover remnants of the cleaning process. Ensure the glasses and dishes your customers use are sparkling with a commercial water softener.

  • Cleaner Bathrooms

    Hotels with stain-free toilets and showers earn guests’ trust and promote stronger reviews. Soft water is clear of the stain-causing minerals, creating a high-quality, clean bathroom for your guests.

  • Save Money

    Our non-electric water systems save you electricity and water. Our water softeners only work as they are needed, not around the clock.

Trusted by San Antonio Companies and Homes

Kinetico Water Softeners are rated 4.9 out of 5 from over 1,000 reviews.

Jonathan Myers

We're very glad we got this installed. The technician, Alberto, was very polite and thoroughly explained what he was doing and what we would need to do.

Kyle James

Alberto kept me informed on his arrival time. He was professional and exceeded my expectations concerning the install of the water filtration system. I also need to put a plug in for Tracy for her patience and skills at making things happen behind the scenes...a true unsung hero. They both deserve a raise!


I just had my system installed by Alberto and Jay, and I wanted to say that they rocked. Got it all in and gave me some instructions to follow, all while being determined to detail and professional. Thanks, fellas.


How will a Kinetico Commercial Water Softener save my business money?

Our water softeners only work when they’re needed, not around the clock. This process makes our system efficient, saving you electricity and water. Because soft water allows detergent to be more effective, you’ll spend less on soap.

Will my water softener be able to support my entire business?

All of our systems are customizable to fit what your business needs.

How long does a Kinetico System last?

Just like any other appliance, a water softener will only last so long. However, if well maintained, your Kinetico system can last anywhere from 10-20 years, potentially even more!

How much will it cost?

Cost varies depending on what your business needs. However, due to the efficiency, your water heating costs will be reduced up to 48%, detergent costs reduced up to 40% and appliances will last longer without malfunctioning or needing replacement. Invest once for years of savings!