Hard Water vs Soft Water

Water plays a part in our daily lives as we clean dishes, wash clothes, take showers or grab a glass to quench our thirst. For the amount that we use it, it should be safe and viable for our household. But not all water is created equal. Here are the differences between hard and soft […]

Dry Hair and Hard Water

If hard water can have damaging effects on household appliances, clothes and skin, imagine the damage it can have on your hair. The high amounts of mineral content in hard water, like calcium and magnesium, can make it difficult for soaps and shampoos to dissolve. Compare that to soft water, which contains low concentrations of […]

Drinking Water: Bottled Water or Filtered Water?

When most people want a drink of water, they reach for a bottle rather than taking advantage of the faucet. We often choose bottled water for convenience and quality, but there’s a better way to easily get pure, quality water. Here is why you should skip the middleman and switch to filtered water. Filtered = […]

Why You Should Update Your Water Softener

If you have an older water softener system, you might be wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. A new water softener can have many benefits, so here are a few reasons you should consider upgrading from your old system to a Kinetico water softener. Higher Efficiency Just like all appliances, normal wear and tear […]

When Should A Water Softener Be Replaced?

Having your water softener makes it easier to get rid of your home’s hard water problems. A good system should last roughly 10-15 years. Kinetico has higher standards than that, though. In fact, the first Kinetico water softener system we ever sold in San Antonio is still in operation – and that was several decades […]

Chlorine In Your Water Supply Can Cause Problems

Water companies use disinfectants, like chlorine and chloroform, to filter and remove harmful bacteria in your drinking water. It’s advocated as a cost-efficient way to decontaminate and keep your household safe. While this holds truth, chlorine does not come with a clean bill of health. Homeowners are installing chlorine filters to keep disinfectants out of […]

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

It’s not uncommon for some people to have a bit of apprehension when it comes to drinking water straight from the tap. With cities like Flint, Michigan’s water being completely undrinkable, it makes sense you want to make sure the water you put in your body is safe. In San Antonio, our tap water is […]

4 Ways Hard Water is Ruining Your Clothes

When you wash your favorite t-shirt and it comes out dingy, rough and yellow, it’s not your detergent. It’s your water. We’re here to make you aware of four ways that hard water ruins your clothes. Laundry is still dirty Hard water carries mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium that eventually infiltrate whatever they come […]

Kinetico Turns 50

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Information: Chris Knippa (210) 656-7873 info@kineticosa.com San Antonio, TX — Kinetico Incorporated came into existence 50 years ago when its two founders, Bill Prior and Jim Kewley, were asked to design a better water softener valve. What they ultimately created was a business that would make the world a better place […]

4 Tips for Dealing with Hard Water

If you’ve ever noticed pesky, white spots on dishes or an excess amount of buildup around faucets, it’s most likely because you have hard water. This is a problem that millions of people deal with because they live in high sediment areas. Because this problem is so common, there are tips and products that can […]