Frequently Asked Questions

Water Softeners

What are hard water and soft water?

Hard water is water with more than the average amount of minerals in it. Hard water is very common, but it can have some negative effects. The minerals in hard water cause buildup in home appliances and on sinks and showers over time, damaging them and making them less efficient. Hard water also makes soaps and detergents less effective because the minerals keep them from lathering as much. It can even be harmful to your skin and hair.

Soft water is the term for water that has passed through a water softener. This water is free of the minerals hard water has because the water softener has replaced them with sodium. Soft water is much better for your home appliances and for your hair and skin.

What exactly does a water softener do?

Water softeners are appliances that remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions from water by exchanging them for sodium ions. Water softeners are used because the magnesium and calcium ions in water have negative effects on household appliances, cleaners and detergents and even the health of your skin and hair.

How long do water softeners last?

Generally, water softeners last about 10-20 years. However, Kinetico water softeners last much longer than that. The first Kinetico water softener ever installed is still running after decades of providing soft water to the home it’s in. That’s a long time!

Is it okay to drink softened water?

Yes, soft water is generally perfectly safe to drink. Depending on the hardness of the water before it’s softened, your soft water may have more or less sodium content. If your water is very hard, you may want to consider not drinking the soft water for it’s slightly salty taste. Consult with your water softener specialist to determine whether or not you should drink your soft water.

Is it better to drink hard or soft water?

Hard water is corrosive to your home appliances, while soft water isn’t. However, the minerals in hard water are good for you and can provide health benefits. If you’re looking for drinking water that provides these benefits, hard water is better. However, you risk the long-term wear and tear it will have on appliances, sinks and even clothing. 

Is soft water good for hair and skin?

Yes, soft water is better for your hair and skin than hard water. The mineral in hard water can be harsh on your skin and hair, drying them out and even causing damage. However, soft water will leave your hair and skin looking healthier. Soft water also makes lathering soap easier, so you’ll save money not having to use as much product.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis uses high pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks contaminants from going through. As a result, one side of the membrane has clean water, leaving any contaminants on the other side to be flushed away. Kinetico’s reverse osmosis systems remove any particles larger than 0.0001 microns.

What does reverse osmosis remove from water?

Reverse osmosis removes common contaminants such as sodium, chloride, copper, chromium and lead. Kinetico offers a Flex Filtration system that’s customized to fit your needs. You can add protection against arsenic, bacteria and viruses and even volatile organic compounds (chemicals from cleaning supplies, paint, etc.). Your home’s reverse osmosis system will be customized to fit the contents of your water.

Does reverse osmosis remove minerals?

Yes, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are removed from water during reverse osmosis. For those who prefer the taste and health benefits of water with minerals in it, Kinetico’s Flex Filtration offers the Mineral Plus.

Whole House Filtration Systems

How do I know if I need a filtration system?

If you’ve noticed problems with the appearance, taste or quality of your water, schedule a free water test from Kinetico. If your home’s water contains contaminants, an experienced Kinetico technician will be able to tell you what kind of filtration you need based on what’s in your water.

What kind of water filtration systems are there?

We offer three types of water filtration systems to fit your home’s needs:

  • Water softeners
  • Dechlorinators
  • Reverse osmosis systems

Each type of system offers a different kind of filtration. Contact the professionals at Kinetico, and our knowledgeable team will recommend the best filtration system for your water.

What does a dechlorinator do?

Most water treatment centers use chlorine to kill any harmful pathogens such as bacteria or viruses in water. However, chlorine can cause your water to taste and smell odd, and it’s not ideal for drinking water. Dechlorinators remove the chlorine from your water, leaving behind only pure water that tastes great.

Water Filters and Systems

What do water filters do?

If your home’s water has a specific contaminant problem, such as too much chlorine or a low pH, water filters can help. Water filter systems can remove contaminants to leave you with clean, healthy drinking water.

What can water filters remove?

At Kinetico, we offer a variety of problem-specific water filter solutions to fit your home’s needs, including:

  • Sulfur Guard: protects against sulfur.
  • Arsenic Guard: protects against arsenic.
  • Dechlorinator: removes chlorine.
  • Aerator: oxidizes iron, manganese and hydrogen into solids that can be filtered.
  • Neutralizer: balances the pH of your water.

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