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Finally, the pure, soft water San Antonio deserves! Kinetico water systems are brilliantly engineered to deliver the purest water available.

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Kinetico Water Softeners

Find out how affordable a water treatment solution is for your home.

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Rental & Financing

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For as low as $57 a month, you can enjoy pure, soft water from Kinetico San Antonio. Contact us today for more information on Kinetico water system rentals.

Water Softener Installation

Every Kinetico system is engineered with convenience in mind.
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Kinetico's Advantage

High Flow Rates

Kinetico Water Systems provide the highest system flow rates in the industry. Your new water system will provide you with up to 2 times the supply of clean, soft water that the competition can. Yes, this means you can do laundry, enjoy a shower and run a load of dishes at the same time. Today's house-holds demand hight flow rates and we're happy to supply them.

Larger Porting Size

Don't worry about plumbing restrictions when you choose a Kinetico Drinking Water System. Our systems' large porting size (1 7/8 in. inlet/outlet openings) allows quick and easy connection to plumbing up to 1 1/2 in.

Greater Efficiency

New Kinetico systems were designed with the environment in mind. We have improved our own water efficiency by 24 percent, and our new systems are up to 75 percent more salt efficient that our competitors' models.

Non-Electric Operation

Kinetico makes soft water easy. You won't have to plug in, program or adjust your new equipment. You won't have to adjust your spending for a higher electric bill (because it doesn't use any!) And best of all, your soft water won't stop flowing during power outages or electrical problems.

Demand Operation

Kinetico softeners operate on your schedule. They won't waste water, regenerant, time and money on softening while you sleep or are away. Without any confusing programming, Kinetico systems eliminate the waste and hard water breakthrough common in our competitor's models.

Twin Tank Design

Kinetico's twin tank systems provide soft water 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Service toggles from tank to tank, so that one will always be ready to soften your water, regardless of your water use. Our systems even clean themselves using the clean, soft water that they produce. This feature keeps your system operating at its best for longer than the competition.

Authorized Kinetico Dealer

Kinetico San Antonio is an authorized Kinetico water softening equipment supplier, click around on the corporate website or give us a call for more information.

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Kinetico Products

A Kinetico water softener provides your family with soft water whenever it's needed. Kinetico has every type of water softener you need, whether you prefer a highly efficient system powered by moving water or a more traditional system.

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Essential Series

Kinetico Essential Series water softeners feature all of the essentials for basic hard water challenges.

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With a Kinetico K5 system, you have the very best Reverse Osmosis (RO) system on the market.

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The MACguard Filtration System is the perfect choice for people looking to remove unpleasant tastes or odors.

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Premier Series

Kinetico Premier Series water softeners supply homeowners with the ultimate solution to their water conditioning needs.

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Signature Series

The Kinetico Signature Series of water softeners is the perfect economical choice for many homes. The new Signature Series is modeled after our original water softeners.

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Our AquaKinetic Drinking Water Systems are economical systems that improve the taste and purity of your drinking water.

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Service Areas

Proudly Serving Residents in San Antonio and the Hill Country.

Trusted by San Antonio Companies and Homes

Staybridge Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Red lobster Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
McDonald's Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Denny's Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
applebee's Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Toyota alamo Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Bar-B-Cutie Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Costa Pacifica Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Las Palapas Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
McAdoo's Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Russo's Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies
Ruth's Chris Trusts Kinetico For Water Softener Equipment Supplies


What is hard water?

Hard water occurs after minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulate during the water cycle. This can happen to well water and even city water. The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the harder the water becomes. There can be varying degrees of water hardness even within the same community within a state.

What is water softening?

Water softening is the process of removing calcium, magnesium, and sometimes even iron from the water. This results in transforming the hard water into soft water. Soft water requires less soap to clean, doesn’t damage appliances, and even improves the quality of your hair and skin.

Why is water softening beneficial?

The minerals in hard water not only clog pipes and appliances, but they also prevent soap from washing off or out of things easily. Having a water softener system installed ensures your appliances will last longer, your hair and skin is healthy, and your detergent is fully washed out of your clothes to prevent fading.

Do Kinetico water softeners use electricity?

Kinetico water softeners use the non-electric technology of moving water to power the system. This means there are no timers, computers or other electrical components to repair or replace. Better yet, you will still have soft water during power outages. All Kinetico water softeners regenerate on-demand so they only produce soft water when necessary.

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