Top 3 Water Softeners In San Antonio

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Did you know that San Antonio is one of the top 10 hard water cities in the entire nation? The layers of limestone underneath our city introduce minerals into our water that make it “hard.” This hardness can affect everything from your appliances and pipes to your hair, skin and cooking! That’s why water softeners are found in many homes in the community.

Kinetico SA prides itself on providing soft water to the San Antonio area. If you’re considering investing in a water softener, you might be wondering which model is right for your home. Kinetico SA offers several water softeners to adapt to every home and every family. If you’re looking for the most efficient water softener for your home, you’re in the right place!

What Makes Kinetico Water Softeners Superior?

There are several reasons why Kinetico is one of the most recommended brands of water softeners in the country. Our mission to create the most efficient and effective water softeners has paved the way for amazing water filtration technology. Every single Kinetico SA water softener has three things in common.

Non-Electric Power

Most water softeners in the industry are powered by electricity. This is a drain on your energy consumption every month and makes your unit vulnerable to power surges. Kinetico SA water softeners are powered by the kinetic energy of moving water. With completely self-powered softening systems, we guarantee a greener and quieter water softening experience.

On-Demand Regeneration

One of the main components of a water softener is regeneration. Regeneration occurs when the ionized beads become full of minerals and need to be cleaned to soften water properly. Kinetico SA water softeners automatically recognize the need for regeneration and commence the process on their own. With self-sustaining technology, your job as a homeowner just got even easier!

Countercurrent Regeneration

During the regeneration process, brine is sent through the resin bed to clean out all the minerals collected from the hard water that passed through. Most water softeners regenerate cocurrent — the brine flow from top to bottom along the resin bed. Kinetico SA water softeners use countercurrent regeneration — the brine flows backward from the bottom to the top. This allows the water that exits the system to be filtered better.

Which Kinetico Water Softener Is Right For You?

Even though all Kinetico SA water softeners use these superior processes to soften water, there are some things that differentiate the models we offer. Every home is different. That’s why we make water softeners for all walks of life.

Be sure to contact Kinetico SA for a detailed evaluation of your home before choosing your water softener!

Kinetico Signature Series

The Signature Series uses a twin-tank design to ensure your home has endless soft water. Even during a regeneration cycle, one tank is always in operation while the other is quickly regenerating. Medium-sized homes with more than five people will need the support of a system like the Signature series. More people equals more dishes, showers and laundry — all using soft water from your capable Kinetico SA water softener!

signature series kinetico

Kinetico Premier Series

The Premier Series water softeners from Kinetico are some of the world’s most efficient systems — backed by the Water Quality Association (WQA). These units are usually marketed to homes with larger pipes or higher water demand. They use a mesh of resin compared to the standard resin beads, allowing them to adjust to a higher flow of water. The XP feature makes custom calibration to specific water quality conditions possible. If your home deals with challenging water quality or is on the higher end of water hardness in the city, one of these systems might be for you!

premier series kinetico

Most Important Factors When Buying A Water Softener

Your home is unique! That’s why Kinetico SA offers several models and sizes to adapt to your specific needs. The most important factors to keep in mind are:

  • Water hardness
  • Water usage
  • Efficiency needs

If you need help determining these things, the team at Kinetico is here to assist you! We want your home completely protected from the effects of hard water. Let us help evaluate your home and recommend the best model for you.

Water Softening Equipment Services

If you’d like more information on Kinetico SA’s water softener products, reach out to us. With years of experience in the San Antonio area, we know how important it is to fight hard water. You can trust us to make your needs a priority and get your water soft in no time. Contact our team today!

Water Softener Products

Explore more Kinetico water systems and decide which is the right fit for your lifestyle.

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Premier Series

Kinetico Premier Series water softeners supply homeowners with the ultimate solution to their water conditioning needs.

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Signature Series

The Kinetico Signature Series of water softeners is the perfect economical choice for many homes. The new Signature Series is modeled after our original water softeners.

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