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Kinetico Water Softeners

Since 1970, Kinetico San Antonio has been designing and manufacturing innovative water treatment systems that solve a variety of water problems. In South Texas, the water is very hard and we know exactly how to deal with it. Kinetico continually develops and offers products to meet the diverse water treatment needs of San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Kinetico manufactures complete systems to improve water quality for general use as well as reverse osmosis systems which provide high-quality drinking water for consumption. Kinetico quality water systems are used in rural, problem water areas and where water is supplied by municipally controlled water utilities.

We are also committed to helping the community and have donated high-quality water systems to several local organizations in need. We also help educate our local community on water safety and conservation.

Please contact us today to see how Kinetico Water Softeners can improve the water in your home!

Kinetico San Antonio is an official Kinetico Dealer.

Kinetico is Your Clear Choice


Directions to operate a Kinetico twin tank, non-electric, demand water conditioner:

  1. Add regenerant
The Competition

Directions to operate a single tank, electric, demand water conditioner:

  1. Plug in
  2. Set the time of day
  3. Set recharge time
  4. Set backup recharge time
  5. Calculate daily capacity needed
  6. Set total capacity
  7. Set reserve capacity
  8. Set salt dosage
  9. Set length of backwash
  10. Set length of brice and slow rinse
  11. Set length of fast rinse
  12. Add regenerant

* When your water usage is higher than normal, press guest cycle.

* When you lose power, repeat steps 2 through 11