4 Ways Soft Water Can Save You Money

January 13, 2021

Did you know hard water could be the reason for your high household bills? Water hardness refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water – and it includes sedimentary rocks and runoff from soils. A water softener will rid your home of hard water and save you money. Here are a few ways that installing a water softener in your home can cut down on those bills.

Buying Less Soap and Detergent

Using hard water in your home requires you to use more soap to clean your dishes, laundry, washing your hair or body, etc. This is due to the hard water having a harder time to work the soap into a lather. When using soft water, you will save money by purchasing less soap and detergent.

Clothes Stay Nicer

Due to the magnesium and calcium present in your hard water, your clothes can begin to look faded and old after a few washes. The fabric also gets harder after you wash it. By installing a water softener, your clothes will keep their softness and quality, thus saving you money.

Appliances Last Longer

Any buildup of lime scale results in wasting energy. It also shortens the lifespan of your home appliances due to the harshness. Too much lime scale will begin to break down your appliances, especially in your coffee maker or water heater. Soft water will save your money by keeping your appliances in good shape with a longer lifespan.

Preventing Water Leakage

The lime scale from your hard water is very harsh on your pipes. The buildup inside of your pipes will decrease the pressure of your water and result in weakening of your pipes. Lime scale buildup is usually found around the threaded pipe joints, which causes water leakage. You may find buildup in your dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances. Avoid a leak and save money by using soft water.

Start saving money today by installing a water softener with Kinetico. You will start to see a difference in your water, appliances, clothing quality and more. We have many water softener options to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!

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Jonathan Myers

We're very glad we got this installed. The technician, Alberto, was very polite and thoroughly explained what he was doing and what we would need to do.

Kyle James

Alberto kept me informed on his arrival time. He was professional and exceeded my expectations concerning the install of the water filtration system. I also need to put a plug in for Tracy for her patience and skills at making things happen behind the scenes...a true unsung hero. They both deserve a raise!


I just had my system installed by Alberto and Jay, and I wanted to say that they rocked. Got it all in and gave me some instructions to follow, all while being determined to detail and professional. Thanks, fellas.