4 Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

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Bodies, both young and old, function at their best when properly hydrated. Does trying to get your kids to drink water feel like pulling teeth sometimes? It doesn’t have to! Kinetico San Antonio has some great tips for anyone looking to make drinking water more appealing to their kids and teenagers. 1) Filter it You […]

How Does a Water Softener Work?


Click Here to Embed Copy and paste the code below into your website where you’d like to display this infographic. <img src=”http://kineticosa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/info-how-a-water-softener-works.png” width=”" height=”" /><br />Source: <a href=”http://kineticosa.com” target=”_blank” title=”Kinetico San Antonio Water Softeners”>KineticoSA</a> Hard Water Facts 85% of homes in the United States are in hard water areas. Your water is hard if it […]

Steps to Shiny, Summer Hair


Heat, humidity and sweat are hard to escape in the summer. This rings especially true at barbecue cookouts, music festivals, days at the ballpark and pretty much any other outdoor event. So when summer rolls around, a lot of us have taken to hiding under those adorably floppy hats or rocking a top knot because, […]

Five Myths About Water Softeners

Kinetico water softener

(The following is a guest post from Sharla Gottesman, the marketing director of American Water in Round Rock. She’s taking a look at some of the most common myths associated with soft water and water softeners.) Myth #1: I don’t have hard water in my home. Statistically speaking, there’s a good chance this isn’t the […]

Hard Water and the Hill Country: Taking Back Your Water

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The Texas Hill Country is home to arguably some of  the best property in Texas. Rolling hills, wildflowers and great views are just a few of the perks that Hill Country homeowners can enjoy. However, there is one drawback. (A correctable drawback, but a drawback nonetheless.) The Hill Country is home to some of the […]

Get Perfect Beach Hair With Kinetico SA’s Sea Salt Mist


Hey, you! Yeah, you behind the desk. Are visions of white sands, palm trees and warm skin dancing in your head? It’s about time, too! Summer is just around the corner. The warmer weather has everyone reaching for flip flops, swim suits and everyone’s favorite hair style – beach waves. If you can’t make it […]

3 Great Ways to Enjoy Water This Summer

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The heat is on! Temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees over the weekend in San Antonio, marking the long awaited start of the spring and summer seasons. I, for one, am more than happy to swap my shivers for a few beads of sweat. As you know, at Kinetico San Antonio we’re water enthusiasts. Here are […]

Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in a Water Softener

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Calling all new homeowners! Congratulations on taking an exciting and rewarding step in your life! By now, you’ve no doubt realized that new homes are more than handshakes and interior decorating. During your preliminary home inspection, your eyes were hopefully opened to the inner workings and needs of a house. From homeowner’s insurance to monthly […]

It’s Test Your Water Month!


Happy April, San Antonio! Spring is finally here and that means we’ll finally get to enjoy some warmer weather (for a week or so before we are allowed to complain about the heat). April also marks the beginning of Test Your Water Month! Remember, in hotter temperatures it’s important to stay properly hydrated to protect […]

Drinking Water and Workplace Productivity

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Ladies and gentlemen, put down your coffee! No, seriously, let it go. If the mere thought of a day without coffee in the office seems intolerable, nay, impractical, then the knowledge I’m about to unload is directed at you. You can boost your productivity in the workplace and still feel fantastic by bidding farewell to […]