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Kinetico San Antonio water softeners and drinking systems are brilliantly engineered to last a lifetime. Please give us a call or click “quick quote” to receive a complimentary water test or estimate.


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San Antonio Water Softeners

With a Kinetico water softener San Antonio, you’re sure to feel and taste the difference. Our water softeners are clearly engineered to solve virtually any water problem and produce luxuriously soft water for your home. Kinetico reverse osmosis systems provide the highest quality drinking water for your family at an affordable price. Our Kinetico home water systems are state of the art and work efficiently, reliably and without electricity. Living in San Antonio and the Hill Country can easily translate your home having hard water.

A water softener San Antonio is a must have for any local resident. Get more information on our Kinetico water softeners or our new water softener rental program by calling us today – (210) 656-7873. We are located near 1604 & Tradesman and have served San Antonio and the Hill Country since 1970. We always offer free estimates and can also set up your free water test evaluation today.

Meet Chris and Shay Knippa from Kinetico Water Softeners, a family-owned, San Antonio business for nearly 40 years! Chris Knippa talks about Kinetico's quality products which provide efficiency, reliability and durability lasting a lifetime. Become a part of our Kinetico Water Softener San Antonio family, and get the last water softener you'll ever own!

The Kinetico Difference

  • Unmatched Performance

    Removes more impurities and performs more efficiently with lower lifetime costs
  • Unplugged

    Powered by the force of moving water for on-demand, non-electric operation
  • Tailored to You

    Our San Antonio water experts will design the right home water system for you and your home.
  • Uncompromised

    Our systems minimize waste, energy usage and decrease the impact on our environment.

Kinetico Water Softener Reviews

Kinetico Water Softeners are rated 4.9 out of 5 from 10 reviews.

"What a difference! I chose Kinetico because of the simplistic nature and no electric or timers. I was very much at ease with the way the representative sat down with us and talked about our water and the Kinetico system. We had a couple of companies out to test our water and to tell us about their system. I liked that Kinetico is American made and installed by Kinetico employed installers."



"I love my new Kinetico. We have been through two softeners since living in San Antonio. We purchased a Kinetico four years ago and have had no problems or maintenance needed. Our water is soft all the time and we don't have the hassle of timers and electronics going out. I would highly recommend this product to everyone in need of a water softener!"



"We have had a Kinetico water softening system and reverse osmosis drinking water system for over five years, and the systems have served us well. We looked at other systems, but not having to install electricity for the system, not having to learn how to set a computer/timer, and having soft water on demand sold us on the system. Chris and his crew have provided great customer service"



"We've had a Kinetico water softener in our home for almost 11 years. We recently replaced our older reverse osmosis drinking water system for the newer Kinetico K5 RO system. We love them both! While we don't anticipate building another home, if we did the first thing on the list would be Kinetico! These products have our highest recommendation."



"I am still in awe of how much the quality of my water has changed since Kinetico put in our new water softener last week. I noticed the most difference in the shower, the water used to feel much less comfortable on my skin that it does now, and my hair seems to be improving as well."



"I strive on getting things right the first time and I like to research my purchases before I make them. Back in March I decided Kinetico was who I was going to do business with. The owner Chris went over my concerns step by step which assured me I'd be getting my moneys worth. He's a true professional. It's been a few months since they installed my water softener..."



"I had a K5 reverse osmosis drinking system installed into my home just a few months ago by Kinetico. I've noticed a drastic difference and now my water actually tastes like clean water. If you're from San Antonio you know how bad the water can get in certain areas. I really appreciate the amount of time they spent on the whole process which is why I'm writing this review..."



"Incredible water softener and reverse osmosis system!! Absolutely the best we have EVER had. The service was excellent and the entire team was very customer service oriented. The system has greatly reduced the hard water build up on all of our bathroom fixtures and we no longer have hard water spots on the dishes coming out of the dishwasher..."



"Was really happy with the service and result of our installation with Kinetico. Everyone was informative, and very professional. Am really liking be able to drink the water from our "special" faucet as we were only drinking bottled water before. Cooking and making pitchers of drinks is now delightful with the clear and good tasting water. Would give kudos to Kinetico in all areas."



“We live in the rural Hill Country. Our water is so hard we could pour forms with it. The Kinetico Water System has made our water better than any found in the city. Not only is our water problem solved, the system is so economical and simple to use. Not using electricity eliminates the need for special circuits or timers. The system reacts to the amount of water used..."