Keep That New Year’s Resolution To Drink More Water

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Improve Your Water Quality In San Antonio

Starting the new year often comes with making a New Year’s resolution. Many resolutions revolve around health or establishing daily habits, such as cutting back on sugary drinks and getting more water into your diet.

Before embarking on your New Year’s resolution to drink more water, think about ways to make drinking water at home easier! One of the first things you should consider is the state of your home’s water quality. With high-quality water, you’ll know that what you drink is safe for you and your family!

If you need a water filtration or water softener installation, look no further than our team of experts at Kinetico San Antonio! At Kinetico, we’re here to provide our San Antonio community with services that keep their water quality at its best.

What State Are Your Water Softeners In?

Making sure that you have clean water in your home is of the utmost importance before going on a resolution journey of drinking more water. With drinking water systems such as the various filters our Kinetico team can provide, you’ll be able to enjoy safe and clean water in your home without worries.

A high-quality water filtration system can prevent dangerous chemicals such as magnesium and other harmful chemicals from getting into your water. Access to clean water in your home helps keep you and your family healthy! As the new year rolls forward and the resolution to drink more water comes in consider what filtration system will help soften your water with the experts at Kinetico San Antonio.

Water Filter Systems From Kinetico

When deciding on what filtration system would be best for your home it’s best to know what each system does when filtering water. Listed below are our filters and what they can do for your home based on what you need!

  • Kinetico Sulfur Guard™ Water Filter — Sulfur Guard™
  • Kinetico Arsenic Guard™ Water Filter — Arsenic Guard™
  • Kinetico Dechlorinator Water Filter — Dechlorinator
  • Kinetico Aerator Water Filter — Aerator
  • Kinetico Neutralizer Water Filter — Neutralizer

Based on the quality of the current system in your home will help determine which Kinetico Water Filter system will be best for you. Each one is specialized to assist in removing whatever specific harsh chemical is affecting your water! Our specialists at Kinetico will help assist in finding the right filter system for your home.

How Local Water Affects Your Home

Knowing the water quality in San Antonio will help you know what kind of water softener you will need in your home. Based on how the water is treated in your area will determine if you need a more high-quality water softener for your home.

Water filter systems can help improve the taste of your water but it’s not noticed. The benefit of having a high-quality system is that your water stay clean and you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals getting into your water. Not only will clean water improve your health it will also encourage you to drink more water from your tap since you know that it’s clean!

Motivate Yourself To Drink More Water!

Deciding on the resolution to drink more water in the new year is an easy decision to make. However, keeping up with that resolution can be hard with the various sugary drinks around you like coffee, soda or juice! So, what can you do to push yourself to drink more water?

Infuse Your Water

Infusing fruit into your water can make it easy to drink by improving its flavor. While it’s not as strong of a flavor as juice can be, it can still bring a new taste to your water without the same worries of sugar that sodas or juices bring.

A common infuser is adding berries or mint to a water glass overnight to infuse the flavors into your water. Finding the right flavor for you can make drinking water more enjoyable and easier to keep up with.

Use A Reusable Water Bottle

Another way to motivate yourself into drinking more water is by purchasing a reusable water bottle! While some are plain and have no motivators to keep you drinking water – there are some that have goals or keep track of how often you drink water. You can also personalize and decorate your reusable water bottle with stickers and art making the goal of drinking more water fun. Rather than making just your morning coffee, try having your water bottle sit by your coffee maker or fridge to remind yourself to get your water together for the day!

Set Goals

The best way to start drinking more water is by building up a daily goal for your water intake! Keep a notification on your phone as a reminder or set up a calendar on your fridge to remind you to drink your daily amount of water. This will help you build habits of getting more water in your diet, and it will also help with keeping sugary drinks out of your daily routine.

Contact The Experts

Start the new year off right without the fear of dirty water in your system. When your home is experiencing issues with hard water or you want a second opinion on the right water filter for your San Antonio home, look no further than our water experts at Kinetico Water Systems!

We’re here to provide quality water softener services to our San Antonio clients as they enter the new year. Contact us for a free water test at your home today!

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