Why You Should Update Your Water Softener

Why You Should Update Your Water Softener

If you have an older water softener system, you might be wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. A new water softener can have many benefits, so here are a few reasons you should consider upgrading from your old system to a Kinetico water softener.

Kinetico water softener upgrade

Higher Efficiency

Just like all appliances, normal wear and tear can cause a water softener to not work as well as it once did. If you notice hard water stains, difficulty lathering soap or your water tastes differently, your system might not be working as well as it used to.

Since hard water can damage appliances by causing scale buildup, an inefficient water softener could also be shortening the lives of your appliances, as well. If your water softener is becoming more of a burden than a useful appliance, it’s time to try a Kinetico water softener. Our water softeners are the most efficient on the market, as you’re about to read.

Lower Bills

An old water softener system could be driving your energy and water bills in the wrong direction. At Kinetico, our water softeners are powered solely by the energy of flowing water. With filtration powered by water flow, Kinetico water softeners aren’t even plugged into your home’s electricity.

A new system can save you money outside of your energy bill, too. Hard water makes it more difficult for soaps to clean properly because the minerals attach to the particles that lather – so you’ll likely spend less money on shampoo, dish/laundry detergent and more.

Water Quality

Each home’s water is different, and the demands of your water softener can change with how much water you use and its quality – especially if you use well water. Kinetico’s AccuDial technology allows you to account for the specific conditions of your home’s water, saving you money and perfectly calibrating the quality of your water.

Better water quality comes with benefits outside of improved drinking water. Soft water prevents scale buildup and hard water stains, keeping items such as toilets, showers and faucets looking like new. It also makes cleaning easier and is better for your hair and skin.

Upgrading your water softener has a lot of benefits. If you’re ready to upgrade your system, contact the experts at Kinetico San Antonio today.