Kinetico Signature Series™

Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

Signature Series™ Water Softeners San Antonio

The Kinetico Signature Series of water softeners is the perfect economical choice for many homes. The new Signature Series is modeled after our original water softeners. They feature the same reliable, non-electric and multiple-tank systems that have solved hard water and iron problems in San Antonio homes and homes all over the world since Kinetico’s founding in 1970. Simple and efficient, our Signature Series water softeners won’t add to your workload or energy expenses. A Signature Series water softener will give your San Antonio home tailored treatment. It has the ability to track your home’s water use and regenerate only when necessary. No timers, no reminders – just automated maintenance. Whether you’re using a lot or a little, a Signature Series water softener will save you water, salt and money. Forget the guesswork. Once your new Signature Series is installed, it basically maintains itself.

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Know Your Water Softener

At Kinetico San Antonio, we know your home runs on soft water. With our Signature Series water softeners, you never have to wait on a regenerating system. The twin-tank design means that, even during regeneration, there is always a tank ready to supply your home with soft water. You can count on a continuous supply, even during heavy use. Another dual-tank perk is improved longevity. Signature Series water softeners regenerate using only soft water. Just like your dishwasher and washing machine, your Signature Series water softener will last longer and perform better thanks to soft water.

With our Signature Series water softeners you can count on pure, soft and iron-free water for years and years. We’ll even back up that guarantee with an unbeatable extensive and comprehensive warranty. Visit us today at Kinetico San Antonio to see if the Signature Series is right for your home!

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