How Much Salt Does a Water Softener Use?

Soft water is a total game-changer. However, once you decide to invest in a water softener for your home, you might find yourself asking new questions. How much salt will my system use? Is that a lot or a little?

water softener salt

One factor that will impact your softener salt usage is the type of system you choose. With a Kinetico water softener, you can expect to use around 80 percent less than a typical system. There are many elements that affect the amount of salt you should expect to use in a softener. Here are a few other factors to keep in mind.

Hardness of water: The amount of sodium in softened water is directly dependent on the magnitude of hardness in the water. If your water softener is doing more work, then it’s possible that more salt will be needed to filter out any impurities.

Family size: If there are lots of people in your home that utilize water, then you’re more likely to use more softener salt. With a Kinetico system, a family of four can expect to use one bag of softener a month, while a family of eight can expect to use twice as much. This is much less than any other water system.

Tank size: The larger the softener tank, the more softening salt that you’ll need per month. Make sure you have the right tank size for your home.

Contemporary water softeners are very efficient, especially water softeners from Kinetico San Antonio. Our high-end water softeners use very little salt and leave behind only pure water for your family to use. Kinetico water softeners also consider usage, which means that your family of four will use less with salt with our product. If you still have questions or you want to have your water tested, give us a call to find out more information.