It’s Test Your Water Month!

drinking-water3Happy April, San Antonio! Spring is finally here and that means we’ll finally get to enjoy some warmer weather (for a week or so before we are allowed to complain about the heat). April also marks the beginning of Test Your Water Month! Remember, in hotter temperatures it’s important to stay properly hydrated to protect yourself from heat-related illnesses. This spring and summer, make a pledge to not only drink more water but also to cut back on plastic bottle waste by drinking more water from home.

Perks of ditching store-bought water.

  • Tap water is free! If you went to a gas station and bought a gallon of gas and a gallon worth of bottled water, you’d spend almost three times as much on the water. (Think about that next time you think gas prices are too steep!) Hydrating from home stop the needless spending.
  • The EPA strictly regulates tap water. The FDA is in charge of bottled water regulation and allows certain levels of contaminants in water you buy at the store.
  • Water tests are free! If you’re uncertain of the quality of your tap water or would like it to taste better, Kinetico San Antonio is offering free water tests all April in support of Test Your Water Month.

With a free water test you can determine whether your water has dangerous contaminants, damaging hard water minerals, discover the source of bad tastes, smells and more! Once you know the problem, if there are any, you can easily fix them for safe and tasty drinking water.

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be expensive. By bringing your reusable water bottle with you to work, the gym and any outdoor activities, you’ll not only save money on purchasing water, but you’ll be reminded to drink more water. Sounds like a win-win to us! From all of us at Kinetico Water Softener Company, enjoy this warm weather and remember to test your water this April!