Is Hard Water Really That Bad For My Hair and Skin?


Hard water and your body.

Have you ever wondered why your hair is brittle and your skin is dull or acne-prone? I’m sure you’ve considered other factors like what you eat, what you drink, what products you use and any other anomaly you can think of. But what you are probably failing to consider is the type of water you use for drinking and bathing. All water is not created equal.

Over 85 percent of the country’s water is considered hard water – especially here in San Antonio and the Hill Country. Hard water is abundant in minerals and contains high counts of metal, nickel and iron. These minerals actually make it harder to clean makeup off your skin than easier. This type of water causes all sorts of beauty busts life acne, dry skin and hard water hair.

Have you ever noticed build up around your sink and in your tub? Fact: Doctors tell us that what gets deposited on the walls is the same residue that gets deposited on your skin. It’s no wonder that women are turning to filtered or soft water.

Soft water is much better on your hair, skin and nails. It has less hard minerals and makes it easier to lather soap into a sudsy-form, thus making it easier to rinse. Your skin will be left free of pore-clogging residue. The effects of a water softener on your hair and skin are far better than those of hard water (if there are any).

Needless to say, soft water should be your go-to water when it comes to your beauty routine. If you are in an area where the water is hard, contact Kinetico San Antonio to have your water tested and get a free estimate for a water softener.