Commercial Water Softener Benefits for Hotels

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Why Your Hotel Needs A Water Softener

Hard water can cause stains, buildup and many other ugly discomforts in your home. This is why water softeners exist – especially in parts of the country like San Antonio, where the water is very hard. But what about when you’re on the road? In the hospitality industry, having a commercial water softener is just as important!

Do hotels need a water softener?

Hotels make money because of customers. Customers return when they have a good experience. Having access to soft water contributes to that good experience, whether the customer knows it or not. Here are a few reasons why.

The main benefit of a commercial water softener in a hotel is the laundry. Guests need a place to sleep, and they want it to be comfortable and sanitary. Soft water will lead to softer, fresher sheets that look brighter and last longer. Using soft water can save a hotel up to 40% on detergent because soft water requires less detergent to get the job done. Soft water will also protect your appliances and reduce maintenance costs without the hard water scale.

Another benefit is the cleaning costs and efficiency. Customers value clean bathrooms, and soft water works better when cleaning. There will be less streaks and more shine on everything in the hotel room without having to mess with calcium and iron in the water. You’ll also save money on chemical costs with the same (or even better) results.

The maintenance benefit is that your fixtures and plumbing equipment will last longer when these harsh minerals are reduced. That means you will save money on repairs and replacement, which is important in the hospitality industry.

Water softeners are often purchased in a home just to improve water quality and taste. Hotel guests are often offered tea and coffee, and they will definitely taste better with soft water. Hotel guests will also be pleased to know that soft water is wonderful for your hair and skin.

And let’s not forget the most visible difference – glassware and dishes. No one wants to see cloudy glasses at a hotel they’re paying to visit. And silverware with that white build-up just looks nasty. Soft water solves these problems!

Happy customers are the ones that will return, and we know that soft water plays an important role in their stay. Soft water is important for guests just as much as it is for the hotel business itself.

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