Reverse Osmosis Water For Your Garden

Maintaining a garden that flourishes seasonally isn’t easy. Although nature does a lot of the job for you, your garden needs your tender love and care on a daily basis. The rule of thumb for watering your garden is to know your soil and feel the moisture or lack thereof to determine when watering is […]

Is Fluoride Bad for You?

If you’re like me and you hear the word fluoride, you think of toothpaste. In good, “dentist-approved” toothpaste, fluoride has been added to strengthen enamel and protect teeth from demineralization caused by acids in the food we eat. However, when I was a small child, I was often reminded “don’t swallow the toothpaste!” I remember […]

How to Drink More Water

It’s safe to say just about everyone knows you need water to survive. Water can help you lose weight and make it easier to exercise and sleep. It also helps your skin and helps your body flush out those nasty toxins. So why do so many people have such a hard time drinking enough water? […]

How Much Water Should You Drink?

This past winter in San Antonio was incredibly mild. But it’s a safe bet that the summer temperatures won’t follow suit. It’s lining up to be a hot one – even hotter than normal according to some predictions. That means it will be more important than ever to keep your body hydrated. But how much […]