Reverse Osmosis Water For Your Garden

Maintaining a garden that flourishes seasonally isn’t easy. Although nature does a lot of the job for you, your garden needs your tender love and care on a daily basis. The rule of thumb for watering your garden is to know your soil and feel the moisture or lack thereof to determine when watering is necessary. Experienced gardeners also suggest the best water for your garden comes from reverse osmosis systems.


Hard water, although good for watering your garden, is not beneficial for in-house use due to its high concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The minerals found in hard water can cause stains, spots and build-up overtime on your dishes and household appliances. To avoid these affects, many people choose soft water for household use by using water softeners.

When watering your garden however, the right amount minerals are essential for plant nutrition. Reverse osmosis systems benefit your garden the most due to their ability to control the nutrients your garden needs without using salt. In a simple explanation, osmosis is the movement of a solvent through a filter or membrane to a higher concentrated solvent in order to balance the concentration of particles on either side and reach osmosis. Naturally, the process of reverse osmosis has the reverse effect.

Reverse osmosis systems use your home’s pressure to push your water through a membrane that filters unwanted particles and controls the amount of nutrients for your plants. At Kinetico San Antonio, our systems remove any contaminants larger than 0.0001 microns (1 micron = one millionth of a meter). Reverse osmosis makes plant growing more calculable because of its ability to provide a consistent amount of nutrients in your water. The adjustability of nutrients it administers to your garden is perfect for plant diversity and plant specific gardens.

If you’re ready to grow your best garden, it’s time to start watering with the best water. Here at Kinetico San Antonio, we offer systems that are low maintenance and energy efficient. Call us today to learn more about our reverse osmosis systems, the installation process and the best model for your home and garden.