Super Summer Hair is Possible


Keep Your Hair Beautiful In The Summer

Summer is officially here. Both on the calendar and in the weather. Even worse? It seems like we’re experiencing more of a Houston-type summer this year. That means hot…and humid.

What that also means is hair issues galore, right? Not so fast. Kinetico San Antonio is here to tell you fabulous, frizz-free summer hair IS possible. Here’s the game plan.

First things first – take care of your hair. Healthy hair means no broken or split ends, especially if you’re trying to control that summer frizz. If you can’t find time to make it to the salon for a quick trim, there are recovery options available at the store for less than $10 that will work wonders.

If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to look at your water. One of the biggest reasons your hair always looks and feels so fantastic after leaving a salon (beyond the work of a great stylist) is because they all use soft water. Eliminating the hard water minerals means you also get rid of soap scum on your hair. Hard water also steals away that beautiful shine your hair should have.

Kinetico San Antonio offers free water tests if you’re interested in learning what exactly is in your home’s water supply. Soft water benefits include several things beyond your hair, as well – things like softer skin, cleaner glasses, longer-lasting appliances and brighter clothes.

So don’t let summer get you down. Let Kinetico San Antonio help!