Water Conservation in the Summer

Summer is a time for cooling off in the water, but it’s also the start of peak season for water consumption – primarily for landscape irrigation. With just a few simple steps, you can conserve a good amount of water this summer and save money. Water Conservation Tips  Water early The best times of day […]

Keep that New Year’s Resolution to Drink More Water

A new year is finally here, and that means one thing. It’s for everyone declaring their grand announcements that in 2017, they will work out daily, cut out carbs and drink more water. Two of those resolutions are a tad more difficult than the third. When it comes to drinking more water, it might be […]

4 Holiday Water Infusions to Serve at Your Party

This time of the year is busy for everyone. Christmas shopping needs to be done, and stores always seem to have lines that run around the corner and to the back. Even though the holidays seem stressful, something to look forward to are holiday parties! It’s exciting to know that there will be good food, […]

Kinetico San Antonio Earns 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Super Service Award Winner Kinetico San Antonio is proud to announce it has once again received one of the highest honors in the service industry – the Angie’s List Super Service Award! Angie’s List Super Service Award 2015 winners have to meet a series of strict requirements, including an A rating from Angie’s List. Super […]

Super Summer Hair is Possible

Keep Your Hair Beautiful In The Summer Summer is officially here. Both on the calendar and in the weather. Even worse? It seems like we’re experiencing more of a Houston-type summer this year. That means hot…and humid. What that also means is hair issues galore, right? Not so fast. Kinetico San Antonio is here to […]

Drinking Water in the Winter

When you think about the importance of drinking water, summer and hot weather usually come to mind. Not winter. But staying hydrated in the cold weather is just as important! So how much water is enough? You’ve probably heard the old advice to drink eight glasses of water a day. But according to the Institute […]

How to Have Beautiful Winter Hair

  Tips for beautiful hair in the winter. Are you hiding under hats this winter due to a perpetual bad hair day? Winter is tough on your locks, and it certainly doesn’t help that the Texas weather can’t make up its mind. One minute it’s cold and dry, causing brittle hair full of static, and […]

Hair and Skin Care for Fall

Fall Beauty Tips Today is the first day of fall, and that means it’s time to plan for hair and skin health in the colder weather. Fall and winter are notorious for leaving you with dry, cracked skin and dull, lifeless hair. For years this has been a simple fact of life that men and […]

Sippin’ on Summertime: Creative Drinks for Hot Weather

Stay hydrated with these drinks. There’s nothing like the first sip from a sweating glass of ice-cold refreshment during a hot, Texas summer. Instead of sodas and other super-sugary drinks, quench your thirst with something pure. Infusing teas and fruits with perfectly purified water can create drinks with the fruity and refreshing summer flavors you […]

3 Great Ways to Enjoy Water This Summer

The heat is on! Temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees over the weekend in San Antonio, marking the long awaited start of the spring and summer seasons. I, for one, am more than happy to swap my shivers for a few beads of sweat. As you know, at Kinetico San Antonio we’re water enthusiasts. Here are […]