Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in a Water Softener

Kinetico water softenerCalling all new homeowners!

Congratulations on taking an exciting and rewarding step in your life! By now, you’ve no doubt realized that new homes are more than handshakes and interior decorating. During your preliminary home inspection, your eyes were hopefully opened to the inner workings and needs of a house. From homeowner’s insurance to monthly pest control, protecting your investment should always be high on your priority list. Natural disasters and hungry termites are usually at the top of the list, but we’d like to shed some light on an integral part of your home that is often overlooked at first – your plumbing.

In this area, our water is extremely hard which makes it imperative for you to have a water softener San Antonio. Many homeowners see this as an inconvenience and buy expensive products to fight the film that eventually coats their dishware, appliances, clothes and even their skin and hair. What they may not realize is the damage hard water mineral buildup can do to their plumbing, dishwasher and washing machine.

Over time, mineral buildup will coat your faucets and clog your pipes, causing water flow problems. Not only will you have abysmal water pressure, you’ll have to scrub and scrape to keep your fixtures clean. Unfortunately, once the buildup within the pipes has gotten out of hand, your only options for improvement will be harsh chemicals or the total replacement of your pipes.

You can put your hard water worries to rest early in the game by investing in a home water softening system. You can restore the shine to your glasses and even the bounce to your hair with soft water. For those with sensitive skin or eczema, soft water has been proven to alleviate the drying effects of hard water on your skin. If you’re interested in seeing even more soft water perks, check out KineticoSA.com today!

A new home is a big investment. You can protect yours with a water softener.