Why Cooking Bacon in Water is Popular


Should I Cook My Bacon In Water?

Cooking food in soft water rather than hard water can make for a better taste and even a better smell. One food in particular that has gained more popularity by cooking in water is bacon.

Bacon cooked in a skillet without water can be messy and splatter grease. This is one reason that people find it easier to cook bacon in water. If you want to cook bacon to use as a topping for baked potatoes or hamburgers, cooking the bacon in water makes for a less greasy, less salty and thinner bacon.

You can cook bacon in water by putting enough water to cover the bottom of the skillet and placing the bacon in that water. Then you boil the water until it evaporates, thus cooking the bacon. Leave the bacon in the dry pan a little bit longer, until it’s as crispy as you would like it.

There are benefits to using soft water when cooking food, including bacon. Hard water can have a metallic smell from the minerals dissolved into it. You can avoid this smell by investing in a home water softener. There are many types of water softeners that remove the minerals in different ways – that all provide soft water.

Soft water improves food service in more ways than just better taste, it even eliminates the downtime caused by appliance scale buildup. Soft water protects your water heater as well, making it work more efficiently.

Cooking bacon in water can also eliminate the greasy smell that often fills your kitchen, and prevent the hard water stains on your skillet or pots and pans.

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