Water Softener Maintenance Tips

July 25, 2017

Remember when you were a kid, and you would prank phone call people asking if their refrigerator is running? They would say yes, you would say, “Well then you better catch it!” Then you and your friends would laugh and laugh.

There’s another household utility joke that isn’t quite as well known. It starts “What do you get if your water softener isn’t maintained properly?” The punch line is, “You get hard water!”

Ok, we admit it isn’t that funny, clever or interesting of a joke. But it does have a real-world lesson. Maintaining your water softener is important to any household, so here are some water softener maintenance tips.

Maintain Your Salt Levels

There are three steps if you think your salt levels are too high or too low and you want to fix that. The first would be to locate your brine tank, which should be drum shaped and larger than the resin tanks. Next you actually check your salt levels. You know there is too little salt if you can see the water at the bottom of your tank. If there is too much, there may be some salt bridging. Lastly, you either add salt if there is not enough or take away water if there’s too much.

If It Does Not Work, Something May be Clogged

Both the resin bed and the injector may get clogged, which would need taking care of. Buildups in these areas and others could be caused by salt or other minerals accumulating, and they can be fixed. These are common problems, and the clogged areas would just need to be cleared for your water softener to be working fine.

Call the Professionals for Something Serious

If you don’t know exactly what to do, getting professional help would be wise. Not just as a last resort, but also if you just don’t know much about water softeners. This is not something that should be taken lightly. If your water softener doesn’t work properly, then you’ll get hard water! Kinetico San Antonio also offers water softener repair, if needed. Don’t let your pride keep your water from being properly softened.

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