Three Steps to Healthier Hair

If you can’t feel the weather changing in the air, chances are that you’re feeling it in your hair. If you’re suffering from dry, dull and static-plagued locks, you can thank the moisture vacuum that is dry air. No need to hide under a hat all winter, though. So here are three steps to healthier hair from Kinetico San Antonio.

Healthy Hair Tips

Go Longer Between Shampoos

  • Most shampoos have perfumes and alcohol in them that dry hair out.
  • Letting the oils in your hair replenish between showers is a great way to moisturize your hair.
  • If your workout regimen requires daily showers, rinse and ONLY condition your hair.

Trap Moisture In

  • Try a hair mask once a week. Masks smooth and moisturize dry and damaged hair.
  • Leave in conditioners work as detanglers and frizz-fighters. These low maintenance products can even double as styling agents.
  • Wash your hair in warm water and rinse it in colder water. The warmth opens the hair cuticles and allows moisture in, while the cold closes them and traps the moisture inside.

Ditch Your Hard Water

  • Hard water wreaks havoc on hair leaving it dry, dull and lifeless.
  • Mineral buildup and soap scum left in your hair from hard water cause an itchy scalp and flat static-prone hair.
  • Soft water leaves no residues on your hair and lets your body’s natural oils moisturize your hair.
  • Shampoo emulsifies easily in soft water. You’ll be using less hair-drying products to cleanse your hair.

These steps can help lead you out of ‘do’ darkness and on to hair glory. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to soft water this winter with a new Kinetico water softener.