The Top 5 Rain Dances

Sure, right now the only thing rain means is ice, snow or that strange in between phase of graupel. Think, if you will, back to the days when a rain shower was met with a sigh of relief, a dash outside and an exhilarating dance in the rain. In honor of those memories, and the warm weather of our dreams, we present:

The Top 5 On-Screen Rain Dances

gene kelly

1. Singin’ In The Rain
You just can’t beat a classic.

step up 2

2. Step Up 2: The Streets
Ah, the ageless tale of when the “nerdy” AV guy is allowed to dance, shows everyone up and gets the girl.

pride and prejudice

3. Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth may not have cut a rug, but our hearts sure did.


4. How I Met Your Mother
Someone has to let the clouds know it’s go time.

high school musical 3

5. High School Musical 3
If this ever happens to you (Zac Efron included), our hats are off to you.

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