Signs You Have Hard Water in Your Home

hard waterSo how can you tell if you have hard water in your home? If you live in San Antonio or the Texas Hill Country, chances are you do. Here are some of the most common signs of hard water – some more outwardly visible than others.

How to Spot Hard Water

Soap scum: Have soap scum on your bathtub, shower curtain or shower doors? That’s one of the more common signs of hard water in your home. Soap scum forms as a result of the soap interacting with hard water. The “scum” is what’s left over.

Spots on dishes: Another sure-fire sign of hard water is the appearance of spots or a cloudy residue on your dishes. This is also because of mineral build-ups in the water.

Deposit build-up on fixtures: Another visible sign of hard water is a white deposit that forms on water fixtures and faucets.

Soap has to work harder: This is slightly harder to determine – but hard water means you have to use more soap to get clean. One of the benefits we hear all the time from customers is they’re buying less soap and shampoo after investing in their Kinetico San Antonio water softeners.

Clothes wear out quicker: If the soap has to work harder to clean your skin and hair, it would make sense that hard water would mean issues with cleaning your clothes as well. Clothes washed in hard water often feel less clean and last a shorter amount of time.

So there you have it – five reasons to invest in a water softener San Antonio.