Rainwater and Your Hair: Try It!

rainWe don’t typically see a lot of rain in San Antonio. But, next time it does rain, don’t be afraid to let your hair soak it all in. Let me explain.

Rainwater For Hair

Rainwater is actually soft water straight from the clouds in the sky. It hasn’t been affected yet by all the “stuff” you find in aquifers – mainly calcium. So it doesn’t contain all the properties of hard water that you see in so many homes in our area.

You know what that means? Next time it rains, set out a few pitchers, buckets or whatever other containers you can think of. Use that rainwater to wash your hair and let it air dry. Then notice the difference.

If you like how your hair feels after a wash and rinse with soft water, then take a minute to think about having that feeling year round. It’s just one of the benefits of investing in a Kinetico water softener in your home!