Picking the Right Shampoo for Your Wife


How to find the right shampoo for your wife.

Ladies, you may not realize this – but one of the most terrifying situations for a guy is when you casually mention to us, “Hey, can you pick up some shampoo for me at the store?” Panic sets in. You see, guys don’t worry much about shampoo. In our eyes, it’s all kind of the same. But for women – it’s a very different situation. We know that, but we don’t exactly know why. There’s a lot riding on this decision. Head and Shoulders or Pert Plus probably won’t do.

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing this with my wife, and I’m here to share some advice. I’ve come up with three simple factors. Share these with your man so he knows which shampoo to buy if he ever finds himself wandering aimlessly up and down that aisle in the grocery store.

Hair Type 

This is the first thing to consider, and it’s the easiest. Your husband hopefully knows whether you have straight, curly, wavy or ethnic hair. Let him know there’s a specific shampoo for each type. If you regularly straighten or perm your hair, send him a gentle reminder or what your natural hair looks like.


This is also fairly easy to explain. Does your hair naturally bounce? If not, your husband should just always pick volumizing shampoo. Can’t really make it any easier to remember than that. There’s no big secret behind big hair. It’s a byproduct of water, the right shampoo and some effort with a brush or comb.

Restoring Oils and Moisture

Here’s what things get a little confusing for us guys. We get the type of hair, and we typically know about the volume of your hair. But different shampoos also interact differently with all the things you do to your hair (straightening, curling, blow dry, etc.). Different shampoos also do different things when it comes to your hair’s oils. The shampoos that restore moisture in your hair cost a bit more. (This is where having a water softener in your home helps. With soft water, you use less shampoo each wash.) So make sure and explain whether you need any type of protective or repairing shampoo.

Once your husband knows these three simple factors, it’s a win-win for everyone. You get the shampoo you need, and he doesn’t freak out with a simple request.