More Benefits of Better, Softer Water

Kinetico water softenerMore Benefits of Using a Water Softner

There are countless benefits of owning a Kinetico San Antonio water softener or Kinetico drinking water system. We’ve shared several of these in past blogs, including softer hair, softer skin and spending less money on soap and detergent. Here are a few things you will be able to cut back on with better, softer water.

  • Spend less money on energy: Kinetico water softeners do not use energy. They are powered by the kinetic force of the water. In other words, Kinetico was green before green was cool!
  • Less time cleaning: Water from a Kinetico San Antonio water softener cuts down on soap scum and gets rid of lime deposits. That means you don’t have to clean as much.
  • Get rid of bottled water: A Kinetico drinking water system means the end of spending money on bottled water. It also means less waste from used water bottles.