5 Benefits Of Filtered Water 

February 24, 2023 clean water in San Antonio home

If you’re concerned with the quality of your home’s water supply or you’re unsure whether your home even needs a water filtration system, Kinetico San Antonio can help. Our team is here to educate homeowners on the benefits of installing a water filter in their homes. Read on to explore the many advantages water filtration will bring to your home.

Benefits Of Installing A Water Filter 

Water plays an important role in keeping us healthy, whether that’s the water we drink or the water we use to keep clean. That’s why Kinetico is committed to providing the highest water quality possible for all-purpose use! Here are just some of the benefits filtered water can have on your home.

Healthier & Better Tasting Water 

Water filters act as a final line of defense against contaminants that commonly find their way into your drinking water. They efficiently remove pollutants such as lead, chlorine, toxic mineral deposits and bacteria. When these are left in your water, they can affect your water’s overall health, smell and taste. Because of this, the water filtration process results in a healthier, better-smelling and better-tasting water supply. 

Improves Health & Skin 

The purifying benefits of a water filtration system also works to protect you from the inside out. Ingesting waterborne bacterias and toxins can lead to serious health issues and conditions. Water filters can catch these contaminants to reduce your risk of getting certain diseases and cancers linked to these pollutants.

 Showering and washing your clothes in contaminated water can also cause harm by irritating your skin. Those who have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis are especially vulnerable to outbreaks when exposed to toxic substances in water. The removal of these contaminants will therefore improve your overall health and skin. 

Protects Your Laundry

Chemicals in your water don’t just pose a threat to your health. They can also threaten your clothing, sheets and towels. For example, chlorine and high mineral contents cling to fabrics while being washed, causing fibers to break down and fade over time. As these contaminants affect the condition of your fabrics, clothing and sheets may become rough, stiff, itchy and uncomfortable.

In addition, poor water quality reduces the effectiveness of soap and laundry detergent as it does not properly mix together. This prevents a thorough cleaning of materials. As a result, soap scum deposits are left on your fabrics, requiring more water and washing to remove the residue. 

Extends The Lifespan Of Your Plumbing System

Without a water filtration system, the minerals and chemicals in your San Antonio water can cause damage to your home’s plumbing fixtures and your pipes. Over time, mineral buildup accumulates in your pipes and appliances that utilize water, such as your washing machine or dishwasher. Buildup not only affects your laundry and dishes, but it also decreases the efficiency of your equipment. This can cost you more money in frequent repairs and replacements. However, a filter will ensure the water running through your plumbing system and appliances are free of these harmful sediments. 

Budget & Eco-Friendly 

With the convenience of clean, pure water that’s accessible right from your tap, you can save money and reduce the plastic waste associated with constantly buying bottled water. Unfortunately, plastic water bottle production requires a large amount of energy and includes the use of chemicals that are toxic to humans and wildlife.

In addition, the chemicals and components used in the manufacturing process are not biodegradable, posing a hazard to the environment. Therefore, you and the planet will be much better off in the long run when you make the switch from bottled water to clean, readily-available water from home. 

Premium Drinking Water In San Antonio 

Kinetico is dedicated to helping homeowners find the right water treatment system for their needs. We provide a wide range of Kinetico filters and water softeners to combat whatever problems your home’s water supply is facing. In fact, San Antonio water is exceptionally hard, so a water softener alone will drastically improve the quality of your water supply. 

Still unsure which water filtration system is right for your home? Let Kinetico help make it — and your water — crystal clear. Call us today to learn more about your options and to schedule an installation!

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