Kinetico Water Softener Comparison

Kinetico water softener

Every home needs a water softener, but water softeners are not a common knowledge thing. There are many different kinds of water softeners, of varying features and prices. Kinetico San Antonio has different models to choose from – and they’re included here for an optimal water softener comparison.

Kinetico Essential Series

Though it is the most economical, in terms of price, of the three water softeners, the Essential Series runs itself much like the other two. It doesn’t require regeneration, electricity or your own time. This is not the sort of product you have to wait on to make sure that it does its job. It works specifically to your water usage, so nothing goes to waste either. It is rather small, so it is great for small homes.

Kinetico Signature Series

The Signature series is exactly that: Kinetico’s signature product. It is based off of Kinetico’s original water softeners from 1970. Of course, even though it has old-school ideals, the Signature Series has new-school technology. It is basically automated, as it tracks your water usage so it only regenerates when it needs to. And, with its dual tanks, it stays dependable.

Kinetico Premiere Series

The Premiere Series is a top-of-the-line water softener. It’ll remove the minerals from your water that you don’t want, and it’ll do it without any sort of effort from you. It doesn’t use electricity and will only clean itself in the most efficient way possible. The Premiere Series’ multi-tank system can also be optimized by the homeowner, which means you save even more money than before. Efficiency and results are really what you pay for here.

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