How to Conserve Water at Home

October 23, 2020

Even though the earth’s surface is made up of 71% water, did you know only 0.5% is usable, fresh water? This is the source used for drinking water and running households among hundreds of other uses. Our planet has a limited supply of available water, and it is only dwindling as the earth’s population increases. Fortunately, there are many simple, water conservation methods that can be practiced at home every day.

Save Water in the Shower

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, showers use about 5 gallons of water per minute. One way to cut back on water use is to limit time spent in the shower.
  • Install a low-flow shower head to decrease water usage to as little as 0.5 gallons per minute.
  • While waiting for the water to warm up, collect the water with a bucket to use later for house plants – instead of letting it run down the drain.

Save Water with Faucet Use

  • Do not leave faucets running when brushing your teeth, washing your hands or washing dishes. Turn on the faucet only to rinse.
  • Install aerators to each faucet to limit and preserve water flow.
  • Regularly verify pipes are not leaking, and repair when necessary to prevent unnecessary water waste.

Save Water with High-Efficiency Appliances

For appliances that rely heavily on water usage, invest in machines with the WaterSense label, which are certified by the EPA for water-efficiency. Not only are these appliances eco-friendly, but they help save money as well. Other things to keep in mind to conserve water with appliance use:

  • Adjust the water settings to match laundry loads on washing machines.
  • Only run full dishwashers. If washing dishes by hand, fill the sink with water to use instead of allowing the water to run.
  • Limit water in the toilet tank.
  • Repair any toilet leaks immediately.

Save Water with Water Softeners

Not only do water softeners eliminate harsh substances and minerals like iron, manganese and chlorine from your household water, but installing a water softener is an easy and cost-effective way to conserve water. A Kinetico water softener is gentler on appliances and plumbing than natural hard water – which results in fewer leaks and less water wasted. Another benefit of the Kinetico water system is that it only utilizes water when necessary – and never wastes resources.

Conserving water is as easy as making a few changes to your daily, household routines. Contact Kinetico San Antonio to schedule a free water softener estimate today to get started!

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