Hair Care No-Nos

Has this winter left you and your hair in a sad, dry mess? Cold air combined with indoor heaters and poor shower practices could be wreaking havoc on every outfit’s main accessory. Check out the list of winter hair no-nos below. Are you a hair-ficionado or a repeat offender?

Smiling Girl combs her hair

You’re washing your hair every day.

There’s nothing like the chemicals in shampoo to strip your hair of its natural moisture. With each shampoo rinse, you’re losing the natural oils necessary for healthy, shiny hair. If you’ve been showering once a day, scale back slowly to allow your hair to adjust. Try shampooing every other day or every two days at first. (This doesn’t mean to stop showering! Feel free to rinse your hair and body of post-workout sweat.) In between shampoos, touch up your style or absorb moisture with dry shampoo. (We like Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo.)

You’re over-styling your hair.

Heat-styling your hair should be a 1-2 times a week occurrence. Straightening, curling and blow drying can leave hair dry, brittle and splitting. Unless absolutely necessary, opt to let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. For the best, air-dried results, use a light and ultra absorbent towel, a moisturizing detangler and a wide toothed comb. There are a TON of overnight styling techniques for damp hair, like these!

You’re showering with hard water.

Dull, dry, staticky winter hair has many causes. One of the most common reasons for it is hard water. Most residents in San Antonio are unfairly saddled with hard water regardless of where they live. If your apartment doesn’t allow water softener installations, opt for a shower head filter to remove as much of the hard water minerals as possible. If you’re a homeowner, make the smart choice and rent or buy a water softening system. You won’t just be saving your hair, you’ll be saving your plumbing, appliances, dishes and laundry!

After reading these bad hair habits, we hope you’ll stop the madness and save your hair! For more skin, hair and soft water tips, check out the rest of our Kinetico San Antonio blog!