Green Water Softener Options

water softenersThese days many homeowners want the greenest options out there, and this extends to water softeners. Luckily, water softeners are, in essence, already green because they save you water, energy and the use of harsh and excess detergent. In addition, you are prolonging the lifespan of your appliances, which will reduce your carbon footprint.

That said, you will typically find plenty of “green water softener” products out there with “green” or “eco” in their product names. Kinetico San Antonio takes this to the next level with our line of water softeners. Our systems use no electricity! They operate from the kinetic (kinetic…Kinetico. Get it?) energy of the water rushing through them. Our water softeners also require much less salt than others on the market.

What Else Makes Water Softeners Green?

When choosing a water softener, make sure to find one good enough to make your washing machines and dishwashers more efficient. Consider that if you still own an older dishwasher or washing machine, you are already using a greater amount of water. Hard water will hinder their ability to work to at full capacity.

Green Water Softener Considerations

  • Find a water softener that eliminates need for detergent additives or repeated cycles to ensure cleaner dishes. These additives enter the general water supply, impacting the local environment.
  • A good water softener also has benefits on your health. Your hair and skin will thank you!