Water Tips for Pet Owners 

Pet owners take pride in making sure their pets are taken care of and loved. Having summer to look forward to is another joy that bonds pet owners with their beloved pet. The summer sun makes pets happy with lots of bonding time with their owners. Summer time creates opportunities to explore and be adventurous […]

3 Reasons Cats Don’t Like Water

Cats are notorious for their reactions to being wet. We’ve all seen it – the windmill of claws, flying paws and eerie meows (unlike dogs that love the water). But where does this fear stem from? There is a plethora of reasons kitty may not be fond of the water. Consider these factors: The number […]

Three Best Dogs for Water

Dogs are man’s best companion – our top friends. And for some people, being able to do water activities is a must for their canine companions. Some dog breeds do better than others if you want to go to the beach, the river, the lake or even if you just want to play with a […]