Can Hard Water Cause Acne?

can hard water cause acneYou’ve changed your diet, cleansers and your sleep schedule. You have limited your stress to a minimum, and you are still getting those annoying breakouts. After you have tested and changed everything else in your skin care lineup, maybe it is time to look at your water.

Hard Water

Many areas of this country, including San Antonio and the Hill Country, have what is called hard water. Hard water contains unwanted minerals that can build up in pipes and appliances. It can leave scum on your fixtures and even etch glass. If you don’t like when hard water build up leaves scaling around your sinks and shower fixtures, then why would you want that for your skin? Just because you can’t see the build up directly on your skin, doesn’t mean it isn’t leaving its mark. You can replace fixtures, but you’re stuck with your skin.

So…Does Hard Water Cause Acne?

When you wash your face, your intention is to rid it of all the impurities it acquired over the day. When you wash with hard water, you are basically adding layers to it. The hard water makes it difficult for soaps and cleansers to dissolve and properly clean the way they are designed to. Not only that, but it also keeps the soap from washing away completely, further adding irritants to your skin. The minerals hard water leaves behind dry out your skin, leave behind bacteria, clog your pores and eventually may cause you to have a face full of undesirable acne.

Consider Soft Water

Switching to soft water could be the answer to all your skin glitches. Soft water allows your skin’s pores to breathe and expel its natural oils, leaving you with a clean and naturally moisturized complexion. There are health benefits of soft water – and it’s easy to come by! Kinetico San Antonio can get your home set up with a new water softener that will remove unwanted minerals and give you the soft water your skin needs. Whatever your water desires, Kinetico San Antonio can help!