Springtime Drinks to Cool You Down

March 1, 2013

Is it warming up already? Believe it or not, we’ll be warming up into the 80s next week. Now the coats and scarves will soon make their way back to their respective places at the back of the closet, and those creamy hot chocolates and piping hot teas can go back in their tins. It’s time to sip on something cool and refreshing. Here in Texas, we know the importance of staying hydrated whether the weather is warm, simply hot or something akin to walking on the sun. But why stop at plain old hydration? You can rejuvenate your taste buds by adding a fresh twist to your water. Using your home’s purified water, you can serve up a delicious and thirst-quenching springtime treat. Here are a few favorite springtime drinks, courtesy of Kinetico San Antonio.

Springtime Hydration

Watermelon and Mint Agua Fresca (Makes Eight Glasses)

You’ll need:

  • Four cups of watermelon (roughly three pounds)
  • 1/2 cup purified water
  • 24 mint leaves, cut lengthwise down the middle
  • Eight tablespoons superfine sugar
  • Four thin lime slices, cut into half moons, and then halved once more
  • A muddler


  • Cube and seed watermelon. (Four cups worth)
  • With the blender, puree the water and watermelon until smooth
  • In each glass place:
    • Six mint leave halves
    • One tbsp. sugar
    • One lime piece
  • Muddle the ingredients to bring out the lime and mint flavors.
  • Add ice to each glass
  • Pour the watermelon agua fresca into each glass
  • Stir, so that the mint is artfully distributed, and serve!
  • Optional: Add a small watermelon slice to the edge of the cup, or a whole mint leaf for garnish.

Not a master muddler? We’ve got you covered! Here’s an incredibly easy recipe for everyday refreshment!

Citrus and Cucumber Infused Water

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 gallon of purified water
  • One large orange
  • One large lemon
  • One large lime
  • One large cucumber
  • One large glass pitcher


  • Slice all fruits and vegetables
  • Place them into a glass pitcher
  • Add water
  • Allow to infuse for a minimum of two hours before serving
  • Optional: Garnish with an orange or lemon slice

Both of these drinks are healthy and tasty alternatives to soda and sugary juices. Not to mention, these fantastic flavors are sure to encourage proper hydration as the temperature rises! Make sure to start with purified water for the cleanest taste, and enjoy! What are some of your favorite springtime drinks?

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