Everything You Should Know About Well Water

September 26, 2022 tap water

From laundry, to showering, to drinking, water is integral to our lives. But, what should you do if your home uses well water? And what are your options if you want to improve your water?

Kinetico SA has you covered! We help San Antonio homeowners find the best water solutions for their home every day. So, let’s find the soft-water solution for your home with our guide to well water.

The Basics Of Well Water

There are some major differences between well water and city water, and they can make a huge impact on your life! While a quiet countryside home is fantastic for many families, well water might toss a wrench into this dream-come-true home.

Here are a few surprises that may come with your water:

Well Water Comes From The Earth

Well water is untreated groundwater, meaning that it comes directly from the aquifer, an underground layer of rock that contains water, to your home.

This water is definitely drinkable, but it is rain water that has absorbed into the soil and made its way down into the aquifer.

It’s Hard Water

Since it absorbs through soil, the water picks up some minerals from the soil and rock. Specifically, magnesium and calcium contribute to making well water hard.

Unless your home is on land with less of these naturally occurring minerals, your home will need a water softener. If you’re building your own home with a well, make sure to add your own softening system! Despite having a water softener, you may need to upgrade your existing system if you’re still dealing with undesired well water.

It Can Come With An Odor And Staining

Have you noticed staining on your sink, tub, or toilet? While it could be caused by lime scale, high iron content causes the most stubborn stains. Another issue to come with iron content is the odor. You’ll definitely notice it right out of the tap, but it can even affect the water’s taste.

While iron isn’t a safety hazard, it’s definitely annoying! It can alter the taste of your water and cause unsightly orange stains on your fixtures. You can try to remove the stains as they come, but the only long-term solution is to install an iron filtration system.

Contamination Can Be An Issue

Although most of the problems with well water are cosmetic, there is also a serious possibility of contamination. Even though groundwater from private wells is less likely to be polluted than surface water, it’s not unheard of.

Uranium, arsenic and radon are all naturally occurring elements that can contaminate your water. They dissolve into the groundwater as it passes through rock and soil, and they’re more prevalent in different regions.

The Solution? A Well Water Softener!

If your home is suffering because of the hard water in your well, it’s time to upgrade your water softener. The best water softener for you will depend on a few things:

  • The minerals in your water
  • Efficiency level
  • Maintenance level
  • Salt or salt-free water conditioners

By choosing a water softener that suits your water’s specific needs, you can eliminate issues like dry skin, smelly water and iron staining! The best way to figure out what kind of water softener you need is by getting a water test done. This test will tell you what minerals are in your water and lead you to the best solution for your home.

Premium Water Softener Installation In San Antonio

Are you ready to ditch the odor coming from your well water? Kinetico SA is here to help! With a water softener from Kinetico, you know that your water will be in perfect condition. Whether you need a traditional water softener, a salt-free water system or a water test, you can trust Kinetico SA!

Call us today and get the soft water of your dreams!

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We're very glad we got this installed. The technician, Alberto, was very polite and thoroughly explained what he was doing and what we would need to do.

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Alberto kept me informed on his arrival time. He was professional and exceeded my expectations concerning the install of the water filtration system. I also need to put a plug in for Tracy for her patience and skills at making things happen behind the scenes...a true unsung hero. They both deserve a raise!


I just had my system installed by Alberto and Jay, and I wanted to say that they rocked. Got it all in and gave me some instructions to follow, all while being determined to detail and professional. Thanks, fellas.

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