Advantages of Soft Water

It’s no secret that San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country have some of the hardest water in the country. That means investing in an effective and efficient water softener in San Antonio is even more important.

There are several advantages to soft water. Here are some of the things we hear most from Kinetico customers about the difference their water softener has made.

What Kinetico Users Are Saying:

  • Your skin and hair: A Kinetico water softener will make a big impact on your skin. Your skin will feel softer, and soft water will help get rid of dry skin. You’ll also feel cleaner with less soap residue.
  • The amount of soap you use: You will use less soap and detergent with soft water.
  • Your clothes: Hard water can do a number on your clothes. Washing them in soft water, however, should make them last longer and keep their brightness.
  • Your dishes: That white residue on your dishes? That’s the result of hard water. Not only will you need less dish detergent with soft water, but it keeps your dishes shiny and clear.