4 Tips for Dealing with Hard Water

January 16, 2020

If you’ve ever noticed pesky, white spots on dishes or an excess amount of buildup around faucets, it’s most likely because you have hard water. This is a problem that millions of people deal with because they live in high sediment areas. Because this problem is so common, there are tips and products that can temporarily make the problem go away.

Consider these tips for dealing with hard water.

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Use Vinegar
Vinegar is a natural cleaner that is strong enough to reduce or dissolve buildup. Since the majority of buildup is calcium, a chemical reaction happens when the two meet. By soaking any small parts or dishes in vinegar for 30 minutes to an hour, the majority of buildup will be dissolved. Regularly using vinegar will help prevent some buildup, and it is safe for regular use because it is all natural and contains no harsh chemicals.

Add Rinsing Aid
If you’ve ever noticed spots on your dishes after washing them, it’s because there is a surplus of calcium in the water. This means that water dries in small pools or drops, leaving the calcium trails to show. Adding a rinsing aid to the dishwashing cycle each time will help reduce spots. Rinsing aids contain surfactants, which are added to lower the surface tension of water. The surfactants allow the water to dry in thin layers, reducing the appearance of calcium buildup.

Reduce Water Temperature
Contrary to common belief, hot water actually increases buildup at a faster rate. When the water is heated in the plumbing system, an amount evaporates, making the minerals suspend into precipitate. This created a solidified scale, which is what starts building up. Running water at a cooler temperature will help prevent some of the scale.

Clean Appliances Regularly
Buildup will start to accumulate quickly if not treated regularly. Soaking parts about once a month in a vinegar or a store-bought solution will keep them looking new. Unfortunately, the buildup happens in pipes, as well, and if not cleaned regularly, blockage can occur. For areas that are heavily saturated in buildup, a store-bought cleaner with more abrasive chemicals may be needed.

There are ways to tackle buildup temporarily, but the only solution that will completely rid you of these problems is a water softener. Call the experts at Kinetico San Antonio so we can assist you with installing a new water softener system.

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