4 Best Songs About Water

No matter the kind, it’s not difficult to find music about good ol’ water. Water is a necessity for life, so why not write songs about it? All of the songs below use water as either a force to reckon with, a metaphor for some form of love or as one for happiness.

Blue Bayou – Roy Orbison
Classic. This song mentions water in the form of a bayou. It’s all about a man missing all of the things that he left behind at the blue bayou. Fishing, sailing, beautiful sunrises and his woman. What’s more to love? If I left, I’d miss it too.

Something in the Water – Carrie Underwood
What’s not to love about this song? Carrie gets baptized in holy water and viola! She’s stronger and happier. This is a feel-good, time to make a change song. When you’re feeling down, this song can lift you up. Just ask Carrie. She’s “singing along to amazing grace, can’t nobody wipe this smile off [her] face.”

Waterfalls – TLC
This 1990s song sung by the famous TLC is all about decisions. The group sings about not thinking of consequences before making a choice. “Listen to me. Don’t go chasing…” intangible dreams without thinking it through.

Whiskey in My Water – Tyler Farr
Are you looking for a cute, but also manly, lovey-dovey kind of song? Well look no further. Turn this one up and hang out with those that mean the most to you. “Whiskey in My Water” by country artist Tyler Farr is an upbeat love song about a guy confessing his feelings to his girl. “She’s the moon in my shine, the whiskey in my water.” It doesn’t get manlier than that.

Needless to say, if you need a break from a stressful day or you want to party with your lover on the river, give these songs about water a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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