4 Benefits of Soft Water

What exactly is soft water, anyway? Soft water is when minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and dissolved rock, are removed from the water through a process known as ion exchange. Water softeners help accomplish this goal. So here are four benefits to having soft water in your household that justify the investment in a new water softener.

Saves Household Appliances & Energy
Due to the ionization process of making soft water, there are larger amounts of sodium found in soft water than in hard water. Many water-based appliances are found to have a much longer lifespan in soft water households than in a hard thanks to the natural cleaning done by the sodium in the water. In addition, a study done by the Water Quality Association found that softened water saves 40 to 57 percent on energy costs compared to hard water.

Healthier Hair & Skin
It’s sort of a no-brainer that soft water is better for your hair and nails. The harsh contaminants found in hard water dry out your hair and skin. Also the switch to soft water has been a huge help for many who suffer from eczema.

Save Soap
Have your soap go the distance. You will get more use out of your soap with soft water. According to another study by the Water Quality Association, depending on the stain, softened water eliminates stains with 100 times more effectiveness than increasing temperature or detergent doses. Why not get more stains out with less soap?

It’s the Cleaner/Shinier Option
We all hate to pull out a clean load of dishes just for them to look grimy and covered in hard water residue. Another perk to soft water is cleaner, shinier silverware, dishes and windows.

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