3 Unconventional Uses of Water

It’s the most important thing in our bodies, and we use it every day. We’re talking about water. Our bodies are about 60% water. Most of our days start with a shower. Some afternoons are spent by the pool. But what are some other ways we can use water to our advantage? It’s our top recourse, so here are some unconventional uses of H2O.

Hydrotherapy is the use of certain exercises while submerged in water. This can take place in any body of water, however a pool is recommended because of support around you and the shallow portion of the pool. Hydrotherapy is a great treatment for partial paralysis and arthritis. The water is also a great workout that does not have a harsh impact on your joints.

Hydropower, also known as hydroelectric power, is the most common use of power that is used for dams or water reservoir storage. Water is often released through a turbine – the spinning will create and generate electricity. In fact, Ireland has recently started to power their street lamps with hydropower.

Liquid Technology
These days there are about a million different ways that things can be powered. An unusual source is water. There are all sorts of gadgets that run off of water. For example, the water alarm clock. It’s a clock that runs off water and lemon. It’s super useful for camping or long trips where a plug isn’t available. Just use what’s left of an old water bottle and sleep soundly. Recently, Japan has created batteries that run off water, as well. They only have a life of three to five charges, but, in a bind, they could come in handy!

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