The Truth About Hard Water Negative Effects

April 10, 2015

The Edwards and Trinity Aquifers may be natural treasures, but unfortunately the minerals in our tap water are not. If hard water hair damage doesn’t bother you, maybe you’ve noticed your coffee tastes differently when made with tap water (gross!). You’ll find no shortage of hard water negative effects in San Antonio. Here are some of the top contenders.

Negative Effects of Hard Water

Hard Water Spots on Dishes

Ever experience the embarrassment of hosting guests with dingy, dirty-looking dishes? It’s not fun, especially if the mother-in-law is in town. Calcium build-up on dishes isn’t the only pain caused by the hard water. Dishwasher damage can compromise the cleanliness of your flatware, glassware and silverware as well.

Does Hard Water Ruin Appliances?

Absolutely. Have a Keurig? If you use tap water for your tank, you’ve probably noticed the film that builds up over time. There’s even a descaling process (you’ve probably only heard about if you’ve read the manual) for the sole purpose of making sure the coffee machine doesn’t clog up and die. And that’s only a modest purchase. Refrigerators, washers and the aforementioned dishwasher are also at the mercy of hard water.

When Hard Water Bathroom Stains Attack
Dingy tiles and dirty-looking toilets and sinks may be another problem you’ve run into because of hard water. What’s more frustrating than dutifully cleaning your bathroom only to have mineral deposits constantly leaving their mark? If you’re like most people who don’t have time for this, you’re probably spending way too much money on hard water bathroom cleaner with harsh chemicals.

Hard Water Clogs Pipes & Shower Heads
What could be more expensive than cleaning agents? Plumbing! Hard water calcium build-up clogs pipes, making it harder for water to go down drains. Because they also block shower heads, your water can run cold by the time it gets to you. Not very energy-friendly when your water heater is working hard to give you those cozy hot showers in the morning.

The Cost of Hard Drinking Water
Whether you’re spending a fortune on bottled water or continuously changing built-in filters on water pitchers and drinking bottles, un-drinkable tap water can really cost you in the long-term. Consider that the average American spends hundreds – even thousands – times more on a gallon of bottled water than a gallon of tap water.

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