The Facts About Bottled Water

water bottleThe Truth about bottled water:

– In many cases, bottled water is simply treated tap water marketed at an incredibly inflated price. If the bottle claims the source to be artesian, ground, well or spring water it usually means the water was taken from an aquifer somewhere. It may or may not have been treated. “Purified” water usually means it is either straight out of the tap or treated tap water.

– The contents inside the bottle cost a fraction of one cent, but bottles of water typically sold at a 200-1,000 percent markup. Americans alone spend $10 billion on bottled water each year.

– Bottled water sales are having a major impact on the environment. Around 85 percent of all bottles end up as garbage or landfill. Those bottles take 400 to 1,000 years to break down. And then there are the emissions, energy and gasoline used to produce, bottle and transport the water to stores.

These are just a few reasons why Kinetico San Antonio encourages reusable, hard-shell bottles that you can wash with your dishes and refill with water from the tap or from your Kinetico drinking water system.