Kinetico Meme Madness – We Need Your Votes!

Are you ready for March Madness? The college basketball tournament gets started in earnest tomorrow. But we’re not waiting for the NCAA. Today is the start of the Kinetico Meme Madness tournament!

We’ve gathered our favorite Kinetico memes from the past year, seeded them and formed a Sweet 16 bracket. Now we need your help picking the top Kinetico meme. We’ll release a couple of choices on Facebook each day over the next week or two and give you a chance to vote.


Kinetico Meme Matchups

#1. Skeptical Baby vs. #4. Most Interesting Man in the World

skeptical dos xx

#2. Yoda vs. #3. Surprise Baby

yoda surprise

#4. Dwight vs. #1. Success Kid

dwight success kid

#2. Soft Water Hair Kid vs. #3. Godfather Baby

godfather hair kid


#1. Hipster Dog vs. #4. Bath Time Cat

hipster bath time


#3. Bucket Dog vs. #2. Shakesbear

bucket shakesbear


#1. Captain Cat vs. #4. Sad Bulldog

captain bulldog


#3. Beach Dog vs. #2. Soft Hair Cat

beach soft hair

Keep an eye on the Kinetico San Antonio Facebook page for your chances to vote!