Effects of Hard Water on Your Showerhead

Kinetico San Antonio is continuing to take a look at the effects of hard water on appliances in your home. Last week we detailed a few of effects of hard water on a washing machine. Today we’re looking at the shower – particularly your showerhead.

How hard water damages your showerhead

Hard water leads to mineral buildup on your showerhead. This affects:

  • Flow: Mineral buildup on your showerhead can greatly restrict the water flow from your showerhead. In some cases, the buildup can completely block the holes in the showerhead, which means very little water is getting through.
  • Spray: Likewise, mineral buildup on the showerhead can cause water to spray everywhere. We’ve seen showers where the water sprays straight up to the ceiling or over the shower curtain.
  • Looks: Finally, mineral buildup on a showerhead just doesn’t look good. You want a nice, clean bathroom – and white gunk all over your showerhead doesn’t help that cause.

You can try cleaning showerheads with water mixed with a little bit of vinegar. It usually helps to use an old toothbrush. In addition, you can buy new showerheads at big box stores for less than $20.

Or you can invest in a Kinetico water softener for your home and completely solve the problem!