Drinking Water and Workplace Productivity

March 20, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, put down your coffee! No, seriously, let it go. If the mere thought of a day without coffee in the office seems intolerable, nay, impractical, then the knowledge I’m about to unload is directed at you. You can boost your productivity in the workplace and still feel fantastic by bidding farewell to the java (at least after noon). Did you know that there’s a cost-effective (free), refreshing and revitalizing alternative to caffeinated beverages that will not only make you feel good but won’t cost you in calories? You may be saying to yourselves, “What magic is this?!” or “A dang lie!” But in our world of gimmicks and fads, one thing remains certain. Water is good for you. Good for your mind. Good for your body. Just good all around, okay? From your friends at Kinetico San Antonio, here are the top three reasons you should be using that water cooler for more than office gossip.

Benefits of Drinking Water at Work


If you frequently feel tired, overwhelmed or even moody at work, dehydration is the culprit. Studies have shown that dehydrated men and women both experience difficulty with memory, concentration and even mood control. It also contributes to tension and anxiety. So, remember, dehydrated fruit = delicious. Dehydrated people = cranky and inefficient.

Physically fit

You don’t need to be a triathlon participant to feel physically well. For all of you computer jockeys out there, it’s important for you to drink plenty of water, too! A hydrated body functions at its full ability. This means better digestion, smoother skin and even better breath for those who get their eight cups of water a day. Think of how easy that is, 9-to-5ers! Once an hour, on the hour, have a cup of water. The walk to the water cooler, teamed with a cool drink, will break through Monday’s (and any other day’s) monotony.


Coffee and other caffeinated beverages, while tasty, are counterproductive. Drinking them will further dehydrate your body. When the sugar and caffeine wears off, you’ll experience the infamous caffeine crash. A dehydrated body slows blood circulation to conserve energy. This means, when you grab your third or fourth cup of coffee, you’re fighting your symptoms with the culprit behind them. With the appropriate amount of water, you can get oxygenated blood pumping back to your muscles for healthy energy.

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