The Science Behind Water

July 12, 2012

Understanding Water Through Science

At Kinetico San Antonio, we take water seriously. From a water softener in your home to drinking water systems, we offer products to provide the cleanest, softest water possible to your family.

But have you ever stopped and thought about how water actually works? And did you know there are more than 300 million trillion gallons of water on Earth?

The folks at How Stuff Works produced this video to explain the science behind water.


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Jonathan Myers

We're very glad we got this installed. The technician, Alberto, was very polite and thoroughly explained what he was doing and what we would need to do.

Kyle James

Alberto kept me informed on his arrival time. He was professional and exceeded my expectations concerning the install of the water filtration system. I also need to put a plug in for Tracy for her patience and skills at making things happen behind the scenes...a true unsung hero. They both deserve a raise!


I just had my system installed by Alberto and Jay, and I wanted to say that they rocked. Got it all in and gave me some instructions to follow, all while being determined to detail and professional. Thanks, fellas.